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How does the Google Pixel phone compare with iPhone 7? It depends on your preference of the OS and features. To me the Pixel is a great phone and got me excited but may not do so for everyone. I am a big Android fan but am not happy with the pricing; I was expecting the pricing to be in line with the Nexus phone (starting at $450/$500) and undercut the iPhones and Samsungs. The pricing might be the result of many thinking that Nexus is inferior due to the better pricing and Google might have wanted to drive home the message that its offerings are premium. In addition, there would be too many comparison reviews on all mobile review sites in a couple of weeks and we will know in depth.

Some features that make Pixel desirable over iPhone are:

Cloud Storage – Google offers unlimited storage of photos/videos at original quality whereas iPhone limits to 5 GB.

VR -Pixel is made with VR in mind and the new VR headset would help many since Google claims it will be comfortable for users with glasses as well; so far no other VR can be worn comfortable with glasses. It’s also specified to be light weight and can be taken along during travels. The controller provided along with the gadget is known to aid in use of the gadget rather than the difficult controls in other VR gadgets. This is just the beginning of VR and we can expect more exciting things to come out of it.

Camera – DxOMark has rated the Pixel camera as the best in smartphone till date and that is something that no Nexus/Google phone has achieved so far. It’s certainly a big achievement for the Pixel and it’s not surprising that Google puts it in the promos left, right, and center.

Google Assistant – Google Assistant is baked in to the OS and GSMarena has claimed it’s far better than Siri, Cortana, etc.

Battery – The battery is bigger than the iPhone but needs to be seen if it translates to better battery life.

Screen Size – This one is obvious but nevertheless this could be desirable for few. The Pixel is at 5 inches while iPhone 7 is at 4.7 inches. The Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus screen sizes match each other.

Project Fi – The no frills phone network from Google itself. The plans start at $20 a month for unlimited text and calls and $10 for each GB of data. The coolest feature is data cost being refunded as a billing credit if you don’t use up the data. This is good for people who don’t use much data.

Headphone jack – Google did make sure to mention the headphone jack as well in the promos. You know why.

Fast Charging – Pixel can run for 7 hours after 15 minutes of charge, that will take the phone from 0% to 70%

The iPhone might be desirable over Pixel due to the following:

3D Touch – Introduced on the iPhone 6s series, this hasn’t taken off as well as expected but this could be an inconvenience if you are switching from the iPhone 6s.

Water Resistance – Pixel does have water and dust resistance and has IP53 certification; not the same as iPhone or a Samsung though.

Dual Camera – The iPhone 7 Plus offers dual rear camera and has some cool tricks up its sleeve.

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