Around $7 million worth of Sex Pistols memorabilia were burned in defiance of punk becoming too mainstream

Well, that’s one way to do it.

On Saturday (November 26), Joe Corré decided to get rid of some of his old stuff by burning an estimated $7 million (£5million) worth of punk memorabilia in to protest punk becoming a mainstream commodity on the fortieth anniversary of the release of the Sex Pistols’ iconic punk single, “Anarchy In The UK.”

The son of the late Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm McLaren, and punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, had decided that someone needed to make a statement in opposition of the Queen and London celebrating the single’s release with an anniversary exhibition series.

According to The Guardian, to Corré, punk has become a “McDonald’s brand…owned by the state, establishment and corporations. It’s time we threw it all on the fire and started again…I think this is the right opportunity to say: you know what? Punk is dead. Stop conning a younger generation that it somehow has any currency to deal with the issues that they face or has any currency to create the way out of the issues that they face. It’s not and it’s time to think about something else.”

Included in the burnt items were rare Sex Pistols recordings, clothing belonging to Westwood and Johnny Rotten, and a Sid Vicious doll with a swastika on it.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has ties to the legendary rock group shares Corré’s enthusiasm for keeping punk out of the mainstream. Original member Johnny Rotten has reportedly called Corré, a “selfish f**king lingerie expert,” who should have sold the materials and donated the proceeds to help young, less fortunate and aspiring musicians.

Corré had also stated that if his late father had still been alive, that he “would have taken this opportunity to say something…about punk rock now being owned by the corporate sector. Whether or not he would have agreed with burning all the stuff — and I think he probably would have done — I think he’d think it was kind of hilarious.”

Kids just say the darndest things, don’t they?

The Extinctions! Ready to go up in smoke. #burnpunklondon #burnpunk #punkmemorabilia #punk…

— Joe Corré (@realjoecorre) November 27, 2016

"It’s about the difference between price & value" £5m worth of punk memorabilia burned on the Thames. b/c punk is dead. #burnpunklondon

— Mitchell Reardon (@MitchellReardon) November 26, 2016