Tyger, back right, with his Outnumbered co-stars (Photo: BBC)

When you’re on telly and your parents are porn stars, bullies have a load of ammunition, as Outnumbered ’s Tyger Drew Honey discovered.

The 20-year-old was only nine when he made his debut in the hit comedy.

And as the sitcom returns for a Christmas special , the actor has revealed his torment at
the hands of jealous fellow pupils at public school Epsom College.

Tyger, who plays Jake Brockman, tells Square Eyes: “There was jealousy and bullying from other boys in my class. I stuck out because my name was Tyger, and on TV.

“I would come into class and if I’d only had a few scenes in an episode of Outnumbered the night before, they would say, ‘l didn’t see you on TV last night’. They would try to bring me down a notch.

“They were not physically abusive but I was mercilessly teased for my part in the show.

“It also didn’t help that my parents both worked in the adult entertainment industry.

“The other kids in the class knew about it but I would try not to let it get to me. However I did find it upsetting at
times.” The Outnumbered Christmas special hits BBC1 on Boxing Day at 10pm and joins the family three years after they were last on our screens.

It’s also Boxing Day in their household and the family have to help Grandad with a special mission that sees them get tangled up in all sorts of bother.

Tyger can’t get enough of the hit show. He adds: “I wish Outnumbered was like a soap and we could do it 40 weeks a year and we could do it the rest of our lives.

“It’s possible we will do another series and more likely that we will do another special in the next year or two.”

The kind-hearted star has also been helping charity Street Child’s work with children facing emergencies. Find out more at street-child.co.uk