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A mother in Tuscaloosa said black mold in her home is making her kids sick.

“Last week, on Tuesday when it rained, it was dripping black mold, all this brown right here, that’s mold,” said Nijia Hewitt.

Hewitt said the mold in her home was tested by Newtown microbial laboratory that confirmed suspicions she had when her family first moved into their house on 18th Place six months ago.

“When I first made, it known to housing authority, I was telling them you couldn’t breathe in there because when you walk in the house, the mold is so strong you can actually taste it in the back of your throat,” said Hewitt.

For months, Hewitt said her children were in and out of the hospital and they couldn’t figure out why until recently.

“Every other week the doctor would prescribe antibiotics and steroids, they were all wheezing when I took them in. The doctor heard it and said there has got to be something in your home triggering it something like black mold,” said Hewitt.

A doctor’s note and lab reports confirming the mold is how Hewitt said the Tuscaloosa Housing authority agreed to allow her to move, but not until March 5.

“Evidence was there how could they have missed it? I don’t know,” said Hewitt.

She said she and her husband have run out of money to stay in a hotel, her landlord won’t help.

Now they’re forced to go back home.

“I cry every time I hear it cause I’m doing all I can as a mother. That’s all I have I got to fight for my kids that’s all I got I’m all they have,” said Hewitt.

Hewitt said this is the fourth Section 8 house they’ve lived in since 2012 that had mold.

The Tuscaloosa housing authority’s Executive Director Ralph D. Ruggs said they stand by the fact proper inspections were made prior to the Hewitt family’s move in.

Here is his full statement below:

“The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority(THA) inspects units in accordance with the HUD’s Section 8 Housing Quality Standards. The unit in question was inspected on July 29, 2016, and passed the inspection. The resident requested a follow up inspection on September 12, 2016. The THA conducted an inspection on September 16, 2016. Again, the unit passed inspection. The resident made a request to move to another unit on February 14, 2017. To accommodate the resident, the THA has approved the request to move and the owner of the property has agreed to allow her to move prior to expiration of the lease agreement. When the THA receives a request to inspect the unit where the resident is moving to, an inspection will be done promptly.”

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