Dan Bilzerian got rich playing poker, but also had a bit of bad luck


We can’t deny that Dan Bilzerian is a legend in the world of poker, but when a legendary poker player suffers a series of bad beats, the spotlights also quickly focus on them. Dan Bilzerian recently had his share of bad beats, but doesn’t give up. It’s easy to dislike Dan Bilzerian due to his bragging attitude, but most would agree it’s even easier to just laugh at or with him because he’s so over the top. But those who hate him will probably find some shameless fun in the fact that he made a few very poor poker decisions.
No one really knows where his money initially came from. It wasn’t from just poker, because he was already rich. Still, Dan Bilzirian insists that it’s poker and poker alone. His critics, however are convinced that Dan Bilzerian is little more than a trustfund kid who got his fortune thanks to a rich daddy, who made sure Dan Bilzerian would live the big life without putting much effort in it.
It’s not something to completely dismiss as jealousy, because when you study his father Paul Bilzerian a little, you’ll quickly find that all isn’t completely clean in the Bilzerian family.
Dan Bilzerian recently hit the poker news for reasons he probably wouldn’t have appreciated. He’s said to have been a bit intoxicated while playing the card game, which caused him to play a lot looser than normal. Other players quickly began to notice this and turned it against him. However, Dan Bilzerian isn’t completely stupid. He’s found a way to use his current table image against the other players, fooling them that he’s still as loose as people think of him. Controlling your table image means winning poker.

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