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November 29, 2023
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Planning Your First Symphony Experience? Here’s A Guide!

If you are in Dallas, you will find no dearth of activities to do. For the fans of music, the city also offers some incredible live music and symphony concerts. It is often believed that one must know at least something about classical music to enjoy symphony, which is not entirely true. So, what exactly is symphony orchestra? In simple words, symphony is an ensemble of musicians, playing a wide range of instruments, including woodwinds, strings, brass and percussion. A grand scale symphony may mean participation of as many as 100 musicians or more, and to coordinate everything and follow the score, there is a person called the conductor. If you are going to the symphony for the first time, the experience can be a bit confusing, and for your help, here’s a quick guide.

Knowing about symphony

Before we talk of the etiquettes, let’s first understand the experience. A concertmaster will be the first person to arrive on the stage, and the audience is expected to applaud the entry. Next, the conductor arrives on the stage, for which another round of applause is expected. The conductor will now initiate the orchestra, and guests are expected to relax and enjoy the experience.

Things to note

Keep in mind that symphony is a unique experience of many instruments and musicians, and they deserve your undivided attention. The audience at the concept is expected to be silent. All electronic gadgets and mobiles must be on the airplane mode, or switched off, and it is a complete bummer to talk with others. Now comes the big question – when should you applaud? Since this is your first time, we recommend that you follow others. Some orchestra concerts don’t have breaks, so you have to wait for the show to get over. Sometimes, between movements, people may applaud the music, but again, follow cues.

Booking your tickets

Dallas has numerous symphony concerts almost every month, but we recommend that you look online and book your tickets in advance. Some venues may have virtual symphony concerts too. The idea is to get the best possible seat, so that you can enjoy the experience and appreciate the work. It takes intense work on part of the conductor and musicians to organize and practice for a symphony, and you need to be the happy guest, who is ready to appreciate the effort.

Make sure that you are not late for the event!

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