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November 29, 2023
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What’s the link between slime, ASMR, and Relaxing?

Slime is a popular trend on and off the internet. Many children and adults have found interest in this sticky and stretchy material. Every social media user has also seen one or more videos relating to slime. Although it seems strange that people would spend time watching someone play with slime, the science behind it will surprise you.

Why is ASMR relaxing?

If you’ve ever had that unusually pleasant tingling feeling from your scalp down the back of your neck when you heard a certain sound, that’s ASMR. Triggers like repetitive movements, speaking, or watching certain videos can tingle your head, neck, and back. Most people state that the feeling is incredibly soothing, contributing to the steady rise in ASMR videos on Instagram and YouTube.

ASMR has seen a big increase in popularity in recent years, largely due to all the videos that cross our Facebook and Instagram feeds. But many have questioned why slime seems to be loved by many. Scientists explain that repetitive motions, such as massaging slime, can help calm children and adults. Hence, incorporating ASMR and slime appeals to an emotional part that connects to certain brain parts. Playing with slime promotes a feeling of ease, relaxation, and sleepiness. This is attributed to the simultaneous release of hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins.

ASMR is more complex than the sensation it causes. It also induces relaxation and increases excitement and non-sexual physiological arousal. This feeling is often described as complex yet relaxing; It’s no wonder millions of people worldwide stick to watching slime videos.

Benefits of slime ASMR

Slime provides a particularly diverse selection of calming, energizing ASMR noises. The rise in slime ASMR has undoubtedly benefitted more than one slime company as many slime outlets continue to expand worldwide. Different slime products can make squishing, fizzling, crunching, scraping, or tapping sounds when placed on a surface or handled with your hands. Slime and ASMR are related in ways that involve sensory stimulation. Those who play with the slime in real life or watch an ASMR video can experience various forms of stimulation, such as auditory, visual, and tactile stimuli.

Playing with slime is the most relaxing activity available for children and adults. It triggers happy memories and childish traits in adults. Since humans first learn to use their fine motor skills through touch, it makes sense that people of all ages enjoy the feelings that slime provides. Slime and ASMR share a close relationship that incorporates both art and emotion. Because of its strange sights and weirdly pleasurable characteristics as both a toy and a stress relief tool, slime causes ASMR.

Get Slime, Get Relaxed

Both kids and adults can enjoy slime. It is relaxing and one of the safe ways to keep your children busy. Adults can use slime to relax and escape all the chaos in this stressful world. Simply place an order on a slime website to make a purchase and enjoy its relaxing feeling.

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